Testimonials From Our Customers

all the years I was in the telephone business this could have been a best experience I've ever had. they're very very serious I'm taking care of their customers. they are the real deal!! Thank you Ms. Mindy

Scott A.

Great place with awesome customer service. The front desk person did a great job and you can't even tell there was ever a broken screen. I highly suggest them for all your phone repair needs.

Brian E.

They fixed the LCD digitizer on my iPhone 5s in under an hour for $130 including tax. Great service and a six month warranty on their work. I would absolutely recommend.

Danielle O.

Fantastic customer service! So nice and polite listening to me all upset about shattering my phone's screen! Went next door and shopped and my phone was good as new in LESS than an hour!

Pam S.

Quick turn around for an iPhone 5 completely submerged in water for 30min. Professional and knowledgable staff would recommend to friends and family

Steve F.

I broke my Galaxy 5 three weeks ago. They fixed it and they fixed it quickly. I broke my phone again and, in 10 minutes, just before they were due to close, they fixed it again and they honored their warranty. I love these people. And they're so nice, too!

Maria R.

Small shop but very well run, we have been using them for our company iPads for the past few months and they also did my daughters Iphone 5 that she "dropped". We've all heard that before. The price was about the same with all other repair shops because we called around, this was closer to our home office and it was fixed the same day and looked great. I'm glad we stayed local, saves me a trip to Brentwood everytime a co worker drops their ipad.

Brian W.

Testimonials From Our Customers

I just love this place!!! I can buy a phone, sometimes sell old ones, they fix my cracked phones and tablets, yes that plural because to date our family had cracked 5 screens on various devices!! Sometimes they are busy but mostly I can be in and out of there in an hour for a repair. They put screen protectors on (we suck at that) they have tons of cases, they are reasonably priced for repairs and when we have had to buy or trade a phone we have always been happy with the deal. I like that they are local, if a phone I buy isn't right I can run up there don't have to worry about stolen, locked or unlocked phones you get online, they make it easy and are very trustworthy! Only negative ever is sometimes they are short staffed but more times than not it's been quick and painless!!!

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